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If you are looking for a Study Mate for your kid, then you must know that Star and Daisy have already searched the results for you. Star and Daisy has the collection of supreme quality study tables that can be a perfect study mate of your kid. The early stages of childhood are the most productive and creative years from the life. The mind of a child in the early stages remains on the development mode and thus catches every point quickly when taught properly and in organized manner. To furnish your child with kind, humble and gentle mind set, you must put them into a learning atmosphere. The surrounding of the child should be idealistic and noble where he can learn different things. Here, the Star and Daisy Study tables come for your escape. A study table is the place that determines the future of the child. By the time, it even becomes the mate of your child. Apart from studying, a study table accompanies the child in various activities including both learning and fun like painting, reading story books, making the puzzles etc.

While bringing your kid’s study mate home, you must ensure that the companion you are choosing is perfect in every way. Thus, we put our best efforts to make our Kid’s Study Table an ideal choice for your child. The Star and Daisy tables are made up of hard quality plastic to make it sturdier and more durable. The various additional features like extra wide desktop, reading stand, pen holder, LED lamps, anti-scratch and light diffusing table top make our product a perfect choice for kids.

Have a look on our hundreds of options and choose the best for your kid. Select the table that matches the vibes with your kid from various colours and design variants of tables.