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A creative mind is a must need of growing ages. A creative mind allows the child to develop a specified identity among the evens. If you want to make your child ready for the upcoming challenges of the growing life, you must start working on their creative brains. The human brain gets developed up to 95% by the age of 5 years and this fact clearly shows that the watering of a creative mind in children should start from the early age. There are certain ways through which you can accelerate the creativity in your child from the young age.

There are various ways by which you can accelerate the creativity in the minds of children. The doodle books and boards available at Star and Daisy can be one of those means. Our doodle books and boards are attractive scribbling pads specially made for toddlers to sharpen their creativity level. Our doodles books and boards encourage the children to allow their creativity to show up. Our doodle books come with amazing eye-catching colours to attract the children. The doodle books available at Star and Daisy are specially designed for reuse. The fade away feature of the doodle board makes it a suitable choice for the kids. The material used in manufacturing is completely safe. The plastic, paper and fabric mat used in the books, are clinically test and approved for the children of early ages. Our doodle books are a superior choice for your children to inspire the imagination and creativity.